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Em Ross Photo:

Welcome to My Blog!

Orange County Wedding Photographer

What's up everyone! SO excited to start this blog and document my work, share stories and tips on how to plan your wedding. I was born on Maui but grew up in South OC, specifically in San Clemente, and I have been so blessed to be shooting weddings for the last 7 years of my life! I am super passionate about helping couples not only have an amazing wedding, but to encourage, uplift and share about the realities of marriage and help them be the best couple that they can be, even AFTER the wedding.

Wedding Seasons

My goal with this blog is to sprinkle in several of my expertise in the wedding industry but also talk about the real stuff like how to make sure you keep working on yourself and your relationship during this season, how to overcome the depression of everything not being "perfect" enough, and how to laugh during the times that life (or your wedding) does not go entirely as planned. It's a gnarly season, but it is also SO MUCH FUN!

Wedding Photographer and Friend

I love becoming friends with my couples because it truly is so special to share such a wonderful day with them. I hope you enjoy following along on this journey!

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