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Em Ross Photo Style Guide

Scroll below to get some inspiration on outfits, patterns, and style advice to create the perfect shoot for you and your love! If you still feel lost at the end of this, feel free to text me photos, or FaceTime me with several options (949-485-9762)! I've even had couples bring 3 or 4 outfits to a shoot and we all narrow down together what will look best!


After reading below, check out my Pinterest board that has more inspiration and pulls together examples of what I mention below :)

Click here for my Pinterest Board!


Blacks and Whites

Nothing beats the classic black and white combination. These are great colors to stick to if you are a couple that loves simplicity and a well put together look. Plus, you can still get creative with additional accessories like hats, shoes, or blankets without worrying about a clash of colors!


A Pop of Color + Solid

A little color never hurts anyone!!! Don't be afraid to incorporate a bold pattern or color, as long as you offset it with a neutral or solid print for your partner. I don't usually recommend you both wearing a bright color or bold print but you can always text me photos for a final opinion! Bold patterns or prints look especially good in settings that are simple like the desert, wide-open plain, or the beach!


Flowy Material

This is probably one of my favorite recommendations... Wear something flowy and fun! Gals, these are your moments to wear that beautiful floor-length dress that swirls when you turn (you know exactly what I mean), fringy articles of clothing or shirts that have that extra flair. It's time to get creative and fun and you'll always love how these photo's turn out!


Everyday Outfits

Still not convinced that your closet has the right outfit for your shoot? Don't worry! Grab one of your favorite, comfy outfits and match it with your partner for a comfy, cozy look! This works for denim, solids, small patterns, baggy sweaters and more!